Curriculum Vitae

Libor Kudláček

Libor Kudláček

Date of Birth:                         18.7.1957 Pardubice



1976 – 1981                         Faculty of Science, Charles University in Praguey

1983 – 1981                         PhD degree as above



1982 – 1990                         regional City Planning Centre of Stavoprojekt in Hradec Králové; city planner

1990 – 1992                         member of the Federal Assembly of the Czechoslovak Federal Republic, member of the Budget, later Economic Committee

1992 – 1996                         ministry for National Property Administration and Privatisation of the Czech Republic, minister’s advisor

1996 – 1998                         member of the Congress of the Czech Republic, member of the constitutionally legal committee, member of the permanent delegation at the

West European Union

1998 – 2017                         Euroffice Praha – Brusel a.s.



English, Russian