Who we are and what we offer

Who we are and what we offer

Our company, Euroffice Praha – Brusel a.s., was established on the 17th of November 1998. From the very beginning we have been providing our clients with services in the field now called “public affairs”: that is complete interaction with decision-making processes in the field of legislative and executive power in the institutions of the European Union, member states and the Czech Republic. Orientation in this environment and the ability to use it appropriately is a fundamental advantage for many companies and our clients successfully utilise it in cooperation with us.

When the Czech Republic joined the European Union, the decision-making environment significantly expanded by authorities and institutions of the European Union that create the foundations of the majority of crucial policies and legislative rules for business activity virtually in all fields. Other member states whose political bodies form the opinions of their representatives in the EU authorities also participate in the decision-making of the European Union in a critical way. At the same time, the Czech Parliament and its executive bodies have the duty of implementing those rules and policies in the domestic environment. The interaction of these three mutually influenced worlds provides a space for taking opportunities and eliminating risks, the knowledge of which is the basis of our services.

Thanks to our long-term experience, we can offer namely the following services to our clients:

  • Regular monitoring of new policies and new legislation prepared on the grounds of EU institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, Council) and the legislative and executive authorities of the Czech Republic (Parliament, Government, regulatory bodies) as well as other news important for the client’s field of business
  • Analyses of opportunities and risks arising from the upcoming or discussed regulations, strategic and political documents for the client’s business activity. During the monitoring we also focus on any first signals that a particular issue is leading to a legislative proposal so that we can inform our clients before the legislative proposal is submitted.
  • Creation of strategies for the defence of the client’s interests in this field.
  • Communication with the representatives of EU and Czech institutions with the aim of protecting and supporting the client’s interests (lobby).
  • Organisation of conferences, seminars and workshops in the matter of the interests of our partners.
  • Consultancy concerning the use of opportunities arising from the EU and Czech subsidy policies (structural funds, support for science and research and other related areas).

Euroffice Praha – Brusel, a. s., cooperates with partners as needed for its services in the field of “public affairs” both in Brussels (e.g. EPPA – European Public Policy Advisers) and the Czech Republic (cooperation with PR agencies of our clients is often crucial).